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Content editor

Personalized content editor for self-managing of website content.

Because the editor is adapted particularly for each website, it is easier to use while allowing advanced features. As a result, the editor is very fast, which makes the work of the editors a lot easier.

In addition, our editor is fully accessible and multilingual allowing "side by side" translations.


  • Easy to use
  • High performance
  • Configurable
  • Accessible
  • Internal chat for collaborative editing
  • Image management
  • Search filters
  • History
  • json+ld data import
  • GDPR compliant Integrated statistics 

Multilingual content editor

Today the market is very diverse, so it is very important that your web presence in other languages ​​is of high quality and done correctly.

Our editor is fully multilingual allowing "side by side" translations.

All the content is translatable and languages ​​are interconnected intelligently. This has advantages in terms of SEO, ease of use, greater professionalism and the ability to reach a wider audience.

The people who finds your website through a search engine will reach the website in their language.

We have quality translation services between Spanish, Portuguese and English.

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Image Manager

We have an image manager, which allows you to search by slug, type, alt text in any language, add multiple images.

For each image, you can resize, replace, delete, rename, and edit the alt text for each language.

The images are integrated into the pages, so that all the content that links to the images is updated with the image.

Custom Structure for each website

Website structure made from the ground up, specially designed for each case.

Websites ready to grow.

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