We are committed to innovation and sustainable web development

We are Setastart, web artisans. By this we mean that we create from the ground up custom websites paying attention to every detail.

We use cutting-edge open source technologies and minimize our dependency on third parties.

We always keep all of our software and dependencies updated to the latest version, so our systems are secure, efficient, durable, and never outdated.
This way we manage to reduce the development time of new functionalities and the adoption of new technologies.

We participate in the open source movement by sharing our work under the European Union Public License.

We believe that technology's purpose is to help people and that is why we work in a personalized, constructive and transparent way, because only in this way can we guarantee the most optimal result.

It also gives us the possibility of automating tasks, reducing time editing and many more advantages that are custom made so that editing or keeping our website updated is easy, simple and very fast.

We seek peace of mind and confidence in our customers by offering all the necessary information to help make more appropriate decisions, resolve all doubts, explaining the development and progress at each stage, with the sole objective that the customer knows his product and can recognize current and future possibilities of your web project.

We like to surprise with personalized functionalities that we offer and exceed our customers' expectations.  


We want to contribute to creating an open and quality Internet.

< Inclusivity >

  • 100% Multilingual.
  • 100% Accessible.

< Organic growth >

  • Bespoke custom web design without templates.
  • Structure focused on SEO from the root.

< Respect for the user and the environment >

  • Ease of use.
  • Strict compliance with EU GDPR data protection law.
  • Optimization of resources at user and server level.

- Advance in your digitization to be more efficient.

We use open source software

You can find the code that we develop on GitHub:


We would love to help boost your project

Invest in sustainable and scalable web development.

Our team is specially trained to think strategically and recommend the best solution, so you can rest easy knowing that we are here to help you and get the best results.