We make the most ambitious projects easy

We develop sustainabme, accessible, multilingual, super fast,  optimized, durable, secure, self-management websites that are easy to use, productive and efficient.

We program everything, from large projects to simple websites with all kinds of advanced features such as online reservations, registration systems for events or activities, calendars and schedules, news, temporary notes, searches, filters, connections between content, eCommerce online stores and advanced SEO, and whatever you wish.

We develop websites from the ground up, tailored to each client.

We designed the database schema, we program the backend in the latest version of PHP, we create the visuals in modern CSS, we add interactivity with JavaScript.

We program all the functionality and integrations with APIs tailored to each client.

We increase your productivity with GalaxiaEditor, our content editor (CMS) that we configure for each client so that the editing work is as efficient as possible for each case.

We keep the code of your website always up to date, all without frameworks in order to minimize dependencies, guarantee the durability of the projects and arre always ready to add functionalities.

- What are the advantages of a website developed from the roots?

  • Web structure optimized for each case.
  • Greater productivity with a fully customized content editor (CMS).
  • Super fast pages without the weight of frameworks.
  • Custom-made advanced SEO.
  • Multilingual, accessible, sustainable.
  • Scalabe, ready to grow.
  • Flexible to evolve and integrate new functionalities.
  • Durable, secure, and up to date, minimizing dependencies on third parties.

Advance in your digitization to be more efficient.

Quality, accessible and eco-friendly web development

All-inclusive websites ready to grow.

Multilingual and polyglot

All content is translatable and languages are intelligently linked.
Reach users in other countries with multilingual web development.

For each site language:

  • Multilingual editing and automation of metadata fields.
  • Multilingual alt text editing of images.
  • Multilingual sitemap.

Web Positioning

At a structural and programming level, all our web development is designed and optimized (metadata, sitemaps by languages, json-ld structured data) for good organic positioning and good indexing in search engines.

Specific SEO solutions on request.

Privacy and GDPR

All our websites are compatible with the General Regulation on Data Protection - RGPD (GDPR in English) of the European Union.

All website resources, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, images come from a single server where the website is hosted. There are no third party connections.

All the resources of the website are transmitted through a secure encrypted (encrypted) SSL connection of A+ quality. No content is blocked by ad blockers.

Integration with various APIs

We program the integration with different third-party APIs, adding functionalities such as content import and export, online payment systems, authentication, logistics, invitations and registrations, calendars.

The possibilities are immense.

100% accessible websites and pages 

We build websites and web pages with accessibility in mind.

Web Accessibility IS ESSENTIAL for developers and organizations that want to create quality web sites and tools and not exclude people from using their products and services.

Web Sustainability

All resources on our websites (HTML, CSS, images, fonts, JavaScript) are automatically optimized.

Our server is optimized to serve pages in less than 20 milliseconds for the first time, and in less than 5 milliseconds with cached content.

Calendars, Timetables and Publishing Schedules

Schedule the publication of pages, events, notes, news.

Group, filter and connect timetables, schedules, events, news and more.

Custom calendars integrated with any type of content.

Registration systems, reservations integrated with payment systems.

A change to boost the growth of your company.

Invest in sustainable and scalable web development.

Our team is specially trained to think strategically and recommend the best solution, so you can rest easy knowing that we are here to help you and get the best results.