For us it is very important that all our pages always work correctly and meet the requirements that we consider essential for a good presence on the web.

Our guarantee includes:

  • Correct operation of all pages - On all devices and at any time, we guarantee that all content: text, images, interactive elements, contact forms, fonts and all other elements function correctly and are displayed optimally.
  • Load speed - The response time of HTML pages from the server is on average less than 60ms.
  • Google Search Console - All metrics good and no bugs: Page Experience, Core Web Metrics, Mobile Usability, Indexing, and improvements, to ensure you don't get penalized by Google.
  • PageSpeed Insights and Google Lighthouse - All parameters: Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices and SEO in green, that is, above 90%.
  • Accessibility - All content on all pages is 100% accessible to both people and search engines.
  • Up-to-date dates - All dates, including the date in the footer and automatic metadata are always with the current year to give visitors confidence that the business is up and running and not out of date.

We automatically and manually monitor and test all of our pages, but in the event that anything has escaped our notice, we promise to fix it quickly and at no cost.

Our quality control includes:

  • End-to-end tests
  • performance tests
  • UX tests with real users
  • Visual inspection
  • Tests with external tools
  • uptime tests

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