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Internet without barriers.

Web accessibility (World Wide Web, with its acronym WWW) encompasses all disabilities that affect access to the web: auditory, cognitive, neurological, physical, speech and visual.

Our goal is that all our online projects are 100% accessible to guarantee equal access and web opportunities to all people, and so that no one is left out of educational, economic and social development in the digital environment.

Access to information and communication technologies, including the web, is defined as a basic human right in the "United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, December 13, 2006 (UN CRPD)".

It is essential that the web be accessible to people with different abilities and useful to anyone in a wide variety of situations.


  • Keyboard only navigation.
  • Accessible to screen readers.
  • Respect the "reduce movements" option.
  • Proper visual contrast.
  • Accessible zoom.


  • Increase in potential visits
  • Faster loading speeds
  • Improved positioning and online reputation (SEO)
  • Greater compatibility with browsers and devices

We make your website accessible.

What is web accessibility?

The great challenge to achieve an Internet for every person.

Web accessibility combines programming, design, and technology to build a barrier-free Internet that allows all users to understand, learn, navigate, and fully interact with the web.