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Tags: Web Privacy
Web Development
Why do our pages not need a COOKIE notice?
According to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the European Union


Cookie Consent banners are only necessary if the page includes code that allows third parties to track the online activity of the people who visit it, for example Google Analytics, Google AdSense, facebook, twitter, advertising, etc.

Tags: SEO
Web Sustainability
Web Accessibility
How do you get a good organic SEO?
On Google and other search engines


A good organic SEO positioning means that your website naturally has a good position in search engines. In other words, you do not need to pay for advertising. A good organic SEO is achieved with web accessibility (correct HTML structure so that the content is easier to understand) and web sustainability (pages that load fast and have optimized resources).

Tags: Web Development
Why do so many websites not have the year up to date?


The outdated date of the footer of the website can have many causes. It gives a bad image to the site and it seems that the company is not active. It is easy to automate so that it is updated every year.

Tags: Web Sustainability
Web Privacy
Web Development
The benefits of NOT including Google Analytics on web pages


Google Analytics doesn't count a significant portion of visitors, requires cookie consent, slows down websites, and is being tested for legality.

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