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For a greener Internet.

We are committed to defending the Environment and within our company we follow the "Best Practices" manuals on the web in order to contribute to creating a sustainable Internet.

Nowadays, web servers have a considerable load in the consumption of resources and energy on a global scale. This consumption has been greatly increased due to the hyper-digitalization to which the Covid pandemic has thrown us.
We are aware of this and that is why we create, design and develop our systems with energy efficiency in mind to reduce our technology footprint as much as possible.

Have you noticed that all our pages load super fast?

  • All resources on this website (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, fonts, images, videos) come from our server and are automatically optimized.
  • The web server and all the backend code is programmed to serve the content efficiently.

This is also an important factor for web positioning (SEO, acronym for Search Engine Optimization) on the Internet (Google) that penalizes slow and heavy websites, especially on mobile devices.


  • AT THE USER LEVEL: By downloading fewer bytes and spending less energy, which makes loading faster, save mobile data and increase the device battery life.
  • AT THE SERVER LEVEL: increasing the maximum capacity of our servers, which results in less consumption of web hosting resources.

We make your website sustainable. on on

- Have you ever considered what carbon footprint a website has?

Calculate the carbon footprint of your website at the following link: WEB CARBON , a carbon footprint meter for websites and web pages.

Our result is that is 95% less polluting than other web pages. This means that it only emits 0.06g of CO2 each time a visitor enters our website. Our goal is to reach zero emissions.

Meanwhile, we continue to raise awareness among customers about sustainability on the web, and thus make them aware of the importance and benefits of maintaining a sustainable web among all.

Everything we do online has an impact on the planet

No use of the internet is harmless.

We often lack information, but cannot ignore the fact that an increase in consumption as evident worldwide as that of technologies and the Internet cannot occur without causing an imbalance. The first thing we must question, therefore, is our current need to be hyperconnected and digitized at all times.